Human interaction seems to be nothing more than superficial banter these days, especially in big cities where the hustle and bustle supercede the notion of actually getting to know another person. One has to wonder what kind of relationship someone must maintain with friends and loved ones when ninety percent of his or her day consists of phrases like, “Hello” and “How are you?” It would appear as though key talking points are the weather, how one is doing (like the questioner really cares), and how one has been or what one has been up to. Once these useless pleasantries are out of the way, so is one to the other and life goes on. Can you think of the last time you actually sat and had a meaningful conversation with someone? When was the last time you discussed your passions with another person and had that joy reciprocated? Hit the link for more…


I was reading Loic Le Meur’s blog and I stumbled upon a video where he mentions Helen Fisher in a TED talks video. He was pretty excited about it, and I love TED and the talks they give so I decided to check it out. The video did turn out to be interesting and Helen Fisher brings up very good points. The talk was given over two years ago and I had learned about these things well before then, but it was nice to hear it all in one place. For once, someone was talking about the biology of love and how it translates into emotion and action. Being aware of these things doesn’t make life any easier, well, actually it does. I don’t go struggling to find answers in a book, therapist, love song, or poem, although they do have their place sometimes. Don’t take my word for it; watch the video to the end and I guarantee, if you have half an ounce of intelligence, you will enjoy it.

Alright, the damn video won’t embed onto this blog for who-knows-what reason, so here is a link to the video. Enjoy.