Access to the Internet is pretty much ubiquitous these days. You can go to any coffee shop, airport, bookstore, or school and it’s practically a guarantee that there will be WiFi there. So, my question is: Why don’t all new mobile devices have WiFi? More specifically, why don’t all new smartphones have it? Although it’s not as pervasive as network signals from mobile carriers, wireless internet access seems to available in places where the network just doesn’t suffice. The Boy Genius’ take on WiFi pretty much sums up my own thoughts on it. If you think you’re on the greatest network on earth and you don’t need WiFi, you’re pretty much a ‘tard. Why?

To start, conditions have to be optimal in order for you to get high speeds and great coverage for your device. As we all know, this happens maybe 20-30% of the time. Otherwise, coverage and speeds are usually mediocre, and sometimes worse depending on where you are. Secondly, and the reason I’m writing this particular entry, is because it typically allows you to access data while you are on a call. That’s right. I was on a conference call this morning and I attempted to access an email… fail. So, I thought I’d try the web on my phone… fail. For the record, I am using a Blackberry Bold which allows data and voice access at the same time either via the 3G network or WiFi. Why didn’t it work? I was in a woodsy area where I received only EDGE service (don’t ask why I was there and on a conference call). This made me think, “Other than this isolated case, I wouldn’t have had this problem. However, folks without 3G GSM or WiFi are pretty much fucked if they needed to access data while on a call.” Lastly, it’s rare that network data speeds will ever match WiFi speeds (there are exceptions, of course). So, say you are at a Starbucks waiting for a friend to arrive and you whip out your iPhone, Blackberry Bold, or HTC Fuze to kill time and surf the net… If your signal strength is low, very low, it may constantly switch between EDGE and 3G. Even if it isn’t switching, and you’re showing one or two bars on 3G, that is going to kill your battery! In my experience, having WiFi on will eat up less of that battery life than having a weak signal on 3G. WiFi wins.

Should you ever find yourself asking whether it’s worth it to have WiFi, um, remember what I said. Yes! It’s a deal-breaker, in my opinion. The next time you buy a smartphone, choose a WiFi-capable device. Without it, it’s really a not-so-smartphone, in my opinion.

Blackberry Storm sucks. Bye.

Hey all, yours truly had a total blast at the Blackberry Storm launch party last night. Saw the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age – awesome show! Saw the likes of Kat Von D, Joe Rogan, Seth Rogen, girls from the new 90210 series, one of the American Idol contestants from a few seasons back (Ryan Starr, I think?) and a host of other celebzzz. For more details, pics, and to see live blogging reports from yesterday, hit the link!

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