Just a few days ago, I wrote on Addie Polk of Akron, Ohio attempting suicide due to financial difficulties. Well, it seems the problem isn’t just an isolated incident. A financial adviser who had worked for Sony Pictures and Price Waterhouse (PWC) purchased a gun on September 16 and killed his wife, mother-in-law, and three children. One can hardly stomach such a tragic occurence let alone begin to understand how one can be driven to carry it out. Without surprise, he then shot and killed himself making the whole mess a murder-suicide. All the victims have yet to be identified.

Clearly, money has far more power over people than we’d like to imagine. If a 90-year-old lady attempts suicide and a man (who, judging by the nature of his work, is financially better off than most) can kill his family all over economic woes, it’s time for a higher institution or power to intervene. The bailout is a joke and the government has done nothing but plague our economy. Will there be a solution or an end to this in the foreseeable future?

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Life is certainly a precious gift, as clich√© as that may seem, but for Kirsten Brydum life was cut far too short. At the young age of 25, Kirsten had already accomplished so much and undoubtedly changed many lives. She was an activist in San Francisco, and by a simple Google search, it’s easy to see how much she will be missed. Kristen, the organizer of Really Really Free Market in San Francisco, was brutally murdered in the city of New Orleans on September 26, 2008. The murderer fired several shots into Kristen’s head after a robbery attempt, making it difficult for her to be identified.¬† The killer is still out on the loose.

This is a sad reminder of just how wicked the world can be, so I hope that everyone can do their part in making life a little easier for everyone. Let’s not let Kirsten’s death be in vain and certainly do not let a tragedy be the only thing that motivates us to do good whenever we can. Appreciate life, appreciate your friends and family, and most of all appreciate your fellow human beings. Hit the following links for more information regarding Kirsten’s life, her contributions to humanity, and for her memorial.

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